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What is a small excavation?

A small excavation is an earthmoving operation carried out using a compact excavator, also known as a small excavator. Unlike larger excavators, mini excavators are designed to work in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, thanks to their compact size and ability to pivot in place.

Small excavators are widely used in a variety of construction, renovation, and landscaping projects, such as:

  • Trenching: They are used to dig trenches for foundations, water and sewer pipes, electrical cables, etc.
  • Small excavations: They can be used to dig foundations for buildings, retaining walls, swimming pools, etc.
  • Landscaping: They can be used to level the ground, create slopes, prepare the ground for the installation of lawns, gardens, terraces, etc.
  • Light demolition: They can be equipped with accessories such as hydraulic hammers to carry out light demolition work.

Small excavators offer several advantages, including their versatility, their ability to work in tight spaces and their ease of transport to job sites. They are ideal for small to medium sized projects where access is limited, or large equipment cannot be used efficiently.

Whether you are a construction contractor, homeowner, or landscape professional, Xpert Excavation is your trusted partner for all your mini-excavation needs. 

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