Window well installation in 2023

Window wells, also known as skylights, are a cavity that allows light to enter. It is a natural lighting system that captures daylight to illuminate rooms. Skylights allow you to benefit from natural light all day long at a lower cost. This technique, which has existed for more than a century, is still widely used, especially in Australia and the United States. The major advantages of installing window wells are, among other things, the savings in electricity and the ecological aspect. They also provide good sound insulation, because in heavy rain they are quite noisy.

Window well installation

Pool border

Pool borders help swimmers to walk along the pool, but also to get out without injury. If they are inclined towards the outside of the pool, they prevent debris to flow into the pool. If you want to create a relaxation area, wooden pool surrounds are made for you. Whatever material you use, know that each has its advantages and disadvantages.