What are sewers and water inlets (or aqueducts)?

When our residence is connected to the water and sewer services of our municipality, the connection is made by means of pipes generally buried in the same trench that connects the house’s systems to those of the city. When a breakage occurs, the responsibility for it depends on where it is located as shown in the following diagram:

Remplacement entrée d'eau

Repair of any of these pipes is complex and requires heavy machinery, so an excavation expert with experience in underground plumbing should be used. A specialist in sewer and water entry (aqueduct) will know the municipality’s specifications and will be able to contact the authorities to proceed with a localized water cut to be able to proceed quickly in case of an incident.

Water inlet and sewer pipe replacement in 2023

Replacing sewers and water inlets present several drawbacks. For the residences concerned, certain activities must be interrupted during the duration of the work. For the entire population, this can lead to a traffic stop. It is for this reason that the days and hours for work on sewers and water inlets are controlled. However, it is possible to reduce the impacts of such work by planning it before a breakage occurs.

It is now possible to install, replace or repair sewers or water inlets without having to open the ground. For water drainage, machines allow the installation or replacement of pipes from the house to the sewer main of the agglomeration, without having to dig the ground. For the water supply, so as not to have to touch the ground, we repair instead of replacing the entire pipe. A duct is thus installed inside the old pipe and the warranty can last up to half a century.

Obviously, these techniques are much cheaper. The sheath system for water inlet, for example, allows considerable savings compared to conventional processes, not to mention the material damage caused by a breakage. If you notice that many neighbours have broken sewer or water pipes, it is probably time to maintain your own system.

Aqueduc et égouts

What can cause a broken sewer or water pipe?


As a tree grows, its roots may seep into the pipe joints, reducing the flow of water in either direction.


When the duct material reaches the end of its normal service life, it is quite normal for perforations to occur. This is particularly the case with concrete sewer pipes and copper water inlets.


Sometimes the weight of the ground above the pipes becomes too heavy and eventually crushes the pipes. There is then a drop of pressure in the water system and blockages occur in the sewer pipes.


Finally, sometimes only a single section of pipe undergoes the effects of time and collapses or deteriorates and shifts from the next one. The consequences are the same as for crushing and it can lead to leaks.

When should I have the sewer and water inlet (water main) pipes in my home inspected?

If you experience any of the following symptom, a problem analysis is required and a pipe replacement usually follows.

  • Decrease in water pressure;
  • Lead in water (rust can sometimes be seen in tap water);
  • Clogged toilets;
  • Difficult draining, especially when several systems are used simultaneously (e. g. flushing, draining the bath and a sink);
  • Overflow of water through the basement or garage drain;
  • Persistent bad odours from the floor drain.

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