Professional demolition service in the Gatineau, Cantley, Chelsea and Ottawa areas

Xpert Excavation offers a demolition service that provides you with sound advice and the selection of the method best suited to your needs, while guaranteeing the safety of your health. Whether you are planning renovation work or the total demolition of a building, our experienced demolition team is ready to respond to all your projects!


Services professionnels de démolition dans la région de Gatineau, Cantley, Chelsea et Ottawa

Manual demolition:  

There are several manual approaches that can be considered, including shaving and undermining. Demolition involves the demolition of the upper parts of a building, ideal for reducing the height of a building without damaging the foundation, or for partial restoration. Conversely, the undermining technique aims at demolition from the bottom up, to be chosen according to the environment of the site, being potentially risky if other structures are nearby.


Mechanical demolition:  

This method involves the use of equipment such as the demolition shovel, bulldozer, and demolition gripper. These powerful tools offer professional services for various demolition needs. More precise and rapid approaches include cutting, blast demolition, and expansion demolition, requiring in-depth expertise.


Asbestos diagnosis before demolition:   

Before undertaking demolition, asbestos diagnosis is essential, especially for older buildings built before 1980. Asbestos fibers are dangerous to health, hence the importance of this step. Even after asbestos removal, responders must wear protective equipment, stressing the need to call in professionals for this work.

Services professionnels de démolition dans la région de Gatineau, Cantley, Chelsea et Ottawa

Demolition, a job for experts:   

Although the idea of carrying out the demolition yourself may cross your mind, choosing the services of Xpert Excavation in demolition guarantees professional work, without errors, with the best tools available. The health risks and financial consequences of making a mistake on the job site underline the importance of entrusting this task to competent specialists.  

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