Manual and mechanical demolition services in 2023

A number of manual methods can be used, including the creation of a leveled shoulder and undermining. The first option is to be chosen according to the structure’s height while the second is to be chosen according to the environment. As for mechanical technology, it involves the use of construction machinery such as demolition excavators, bulldozers and demolition tongs. For greater accuracy and speed of execution, other demolition methods are also available, including cutting, blasting and expansion demolition. These techniques are very effective and use cutting edge technology. They require a great deal of knowledge.

Demolition services in Gatineau

Before the demolition

The first thing to do before proceeding with demolition is to perform an asbestos test. As asbestos fibres are very harmful to health and can cause serious illness, it is therefore essential to search for asbestos before demolition. Even after a complete removal of asbestos from the site, all site workers should always wear masks, gloves and coveralls, for better safety.