Maintain your drainage system to ensure it functions properly!

To avoid blockages or water backups, it is necessary to clean and maintain the drainage systems (French drain) periodically (at least two years).

At Xpert Excavation, we offer you a turnkey service in the areas of Gatineau, Cantley, Chelsea, Ottawa and surrounding areas as well as an annual reminder service to prevent future problems.

Are you looking for a professional and fast service in the Outaouais region, contact Xpert Excavation for your French drain cleaning.

French drain cleaning gatineau ottawa

Why have your French drain cleaned?

  • To facilitate camera inspection: Regular cleaning of French drains helps eliminate obstructions and accumulations of debris, which facilitates camera inspections. Once the drains are clean, it is easier to identify potential problems such as cracks, encroaching roots, or structural damage.
  • To avoid blockages and associated damage: Cleaning French drains helps prevent blockages which can lead to significant damage. Blockages can cause water to back up, overflow and flood, which can damage foundations and walls.
  • To ensure the full capacity of your drain to perform its functions: French drains are designed to effectively evacuate water and prevent moisture problems. However, over time, deposits such as grease, limescale, rust, iron ocher deposits, sand or dirt can stick to the walls of the pipes, affecting their ability to function properly. Regular cleaning helps maintain the full capacity of your French drain.
  • Prevention of unpleasant odors: French drains can accumulate decomposing organic matter, which can lead to unpleasant odors. Regular cleaning helps eliminate these materials and prevent unwanted odors.
  • To prevent the perforations in your drain from blocking: French drains may have perforations that allow water to infiltrate. However, these perforations can become blocked with debris and buildup. Regular cleaning of French drains helps prevent these blockages and maintain good water flow.

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French drain cleaning gatineau ottawa

High pressure cleaning with hot water and that’s it!

Xpert Excavation uses specialized equipment for your French drain cleaning.

Would you like an inspection of the drainage system by cameras following your French drain maintenance?

Ask one of our professionals, we will be happy to send you your proof of maintenance.