Snow removal in Gatineau in 2023

When to clear snow?

You must proceed with snow and ice removal operations as soon as precipitation begins on the collectors and arteries. We schedule snow removal operations to ensure your safety, reduce response times and ensure efficient operations. Once the precipitations are over, it takes 16 hours to complete the snow removal of more than 2800 km of traffic lanes and one day for sidewalks. As a reminder, if precipitation occurs during the operation, it means that the response time and operational priorities start over. It is prohibited to park on the street at night during snow removal operations.

Snow removal Gatineau

All about snow removal activities

For slippery streets, the operation consists of spreading ice-control salts and abrasives.  We clear the area once : at the beginning of the snowfall and after 5 cm of accumulation. If the snowfall leave less than 25 cm of snow, clearing must be completed within 16 hours following the end of the precipitation. Otherwise, clearing should be completed within 24 hours after precipitations end. If necessary, we blow on the edge.