Snow removal in Gatineau-Ottawa

When should snow be removed?   

It is necessary to begin evacuation and de-icing operations as soon as snowfall begins on the main and secondary arteries. We plan evacuation routes to ensure your safety, reduce response times and optimize operational efficiency. Once the snowfall is over, it takes approximately 16 hours to complete the evacuation of the snow on more than 2800 km of roads, and one day for sidewalks. It is important to note that if new snowfall occurs during the operation, it results in a reset of response times and operational priorities.


Snow removal Gatineau

Snow removal service is an essential service, especially in regions where winters bring significant snowfall. It encompasses a series of operations to make roads, sidewalks and other spaces accessible despite harsh weather conditions.

Clearing: The clearing operation involves removing accumulated snow from roads and sidewalks using plows, snowblowers, or other specialized equipment. This step is crucial to restore traffic flow and ensure safe travel.

Spreading de-icing and abrasives: To prevent ice and improve adhesion, de-icing agents, such as road salt, and abrasives, such as sand, can be applied to treated surfaces. 

Shore blowing and planking: This step takes place after the snowfall. Shore blowing is to move snow that has accumulated on the sides of the road, while curbing is to clear tight spaces, such as pedestrian crossings and driveways.

Priority Management: In the event of continuous snowfall or severe storms, snow removal crews prioritize based on the importance of roads, residential areas, and public spaces. Primary roads and critical accesses are usually treated first.

Timeliness: Response times are crucial. In general, clearing should be completed within a set amount of time after the rainfall has subsided to ensure smooth traffic flow and minimize disruption. 

Emergency Service: Some snow removal services provide emergency responses for special situations, such as the quick clearance of blocked driveways or vital accesses.

Coordination with local authorities: Snow removal crews often work collaboratively with local authorities to coordinate efforts, share information about weather conditions, and ensure a quick and effective response. 

Risk prevention: In addition to snow removal, snow removal services focus on preventing hazards such as ice formation, helping to ensure safe travel.

In summary, the snow removal service plays a crucial role during the winter season by keeping traffic flowing, reducing the risk of accidents, and ensuring the safety and walkability of public and private spaces.