The advantages of a french drain inspection by camera in 2023

Did you know that the lifespan of a French drain is about 30 years? However, it can wear out prematurely for various reasons, resulting in more serious problems for your land and home. Fortunately, our French drain inspection service by camera helps us determine the best solution for your drainage.

French drain inspection by camera Gatineau

How to recognize a drainage problem?

There are several signs indicating a French drain problem:

  • Rainwater accumulation on your property taking more than 24 hours to dry out;
  • Constant humidity;
  • Presence of mineral salt deposits (efflorescence) or moulds on the concrete;
  • Strong odours;
  • Accelerated cracking on the foundation.

In most cases, these problems are caused by a blocked, deficient or collapsed French drain. This may be related to the soil composition of your property. For example, the appearance of iron ochre is more prevalent in iron-rich soils. The lifespan of your French drain can also be the cause of your problem. However, if your house was built before 1950, there may not be a drain on your property at all.

Drain inspection

In order to properly identify the problem, we proceed by inspecting your French drain by camera. This camera, placed on a semi-rigid cord, enters the drain through a cleaning pipe or a hole that we will have previously dug. We then record the camera’s progress through the drain. We will take note of other factors that influence the quality of your drain (e. g. depth, materials used, etc.). Finally, we analyze the recording to determine the cause of the drain problem, as indicated in the report you will receive.

Repair of a French drain

If the report indicates that your French drain needs to be repaired, there is a good chance that excavation work will be required depending on the extent of the damage. Indeed, it is likely that the entire French drain will need replacement. If this solution is chosen, be sure to remove any obstacles from the work area (shrubs, paving, etc.)

In other cases, it is possible to repair the French drain without excavation. To this end, we use Formadrain technology for pipe sheathing. The process is simple: we create a fiberglass and epoxy sheath inside an existing pipe. This sheath is then steam-cooked and air-cooled. A solution that preserves your land while saving money!

Mounting of cleaning pipes

Iron ochre problems? We recommend that you install cleaning pipes (or access pipes) to your French drain. This will facilitate the maintenance of your drain by cleaning it with pressurized water. In addition, since these cleaning pipes are easily accessible, you no longer have to worry about damaging your landscaping. They will greatly facilitate the next inspection of your French drain by camera.

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