What does the term “excavation” mean?

Simply put, it’s about digging a hole. Excavation involves digging the site for a future house or building, installing a French drain, creating a swimming pool, burying piles for the construction of a new patio, or digging trenches for connection to local networks such as water and electricity.


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What are the motivations behind excavations?

The reasons can be varied, ranging from the construction of new structures, such as the foundation of a house or swimming pool, to necessary repairs, such as replacing water pipes or drain pipes.

In any case, specific precautions must be taken. Special attention should be paid to aqueducts and sewers to prevent damage. What’s more, it’s not enough to just dig to a certain depth; Studying the land is essential, as not all soil types are suitable for all jobs, including foundation construction.

Xpert Excavation is the ideal partner for residential and commercial excavation projects in Gatineau – Ottawa. Their experienced team offers complete or customized excavation services, covering the digging of house foundations, the construction of swimming pools, earthworks, water diversion, land grading, demolition of small structures, and much more.



How is the excavation work carried out? 

Before starting, a thorough soil study is carried out. The Xpert Excavation team examines soil characteristics, such as cracks, stratification, soil nature, and the possible presence of water sources. This study allows experts to choose the most suitable excavation methods for each situation.


Why entrust excavation work to professionals? 

The question often arises: why not rent the necessary equipment and do the work yourself? However, the risk of errors on the job site can lead to additional costs. Entrusting this task to a team of experts also guarantees quality work.


What is the cost of excavation services? 

There are several factors that affect the price of a professional excavation. These include the equipment needed, the depth of the hole, the type of soil, the time of year, and the location of the site. Xpert Excavation is committed to accurately evaluating each project, providing clear and detailed quotes, including a set schedule, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.