Foundation repair

Your foundation: the cornerstone of your home

The foundation is an essential aspect, for it is the backbone of the stability of any house or building. A crack at its level, be it serious or not, often causes serious concerns to owners. Knowing the causes of this damage can help prevent it from happening.

What causes a foundation crack?

Generally, it is the earth that moves and causes the structure to collapse that leads to cracks in a foundation. Certain types of soil, such as clay soils, swell when they receive water and leave a vacuum when they are dry.

Our foundation repair procedure

  • Verification of water marks inside the building;
  • Excavation of the area located outside of the water marks;
  • Excavation around the foundation (footing);
  • High pressure washing of the foundation;
  • Check and repair of the French drain;
  • Prepping and sealing of the crack;
  • Installation of a waterproofing membrane;
  • Backfilling of the excavated area;
  • Finishing with top soil upon request;
  • Cleaning of the premises.


The two main types of work we carry out are waterproofing and strengthening of the foundation. We use hydrophilic products such as polyurethane and epoxy. The polyurethane will form a waterproof barrier while the epoxy will serve as a sealant for large cracks. The reinforcement of the foundation will be done by steel anchoring.