Excavation works in Gatineau and Ottawa in 2023

There are various reasons for carrying out an excavation. It can be for to the construction of a new building, for a swimming pool, or a repair, such as replacing water or sewer pipes.

However, certain precautions must be taken.

Above all, care must be taken with water and sewers, as they can be damaged. Moreover, it is not only a question of digging to a certain depth; the ground must be studied, since not all types of soil are suitable for certain types of work, such as foundations.

Excavation works in Gatineau and Ottawa

Excavation equipment rental

Excavation equipment rental helps to save time and energy. Depending on the type of soil or the scope of the work, professionals can advise on the most appropriate equipment. The space available for the various manoeuvres must also be taken into account.

In addition to the excavation equipment, it may also be useful to rent a dump truck to evacuate the soil that will no longer be needed, for example. The rental of excavation equipment, like the dump truck, is done on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the estimated time of work.